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Of all types including:
Post-Tension and Conventional Methods
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Providing Residential, Commerical and

Industrial Structural Design

Structural Inspections

Registered and Insured in Fifteen States


We at Robert B. Anderson Consulting Engineers, LLC hope that you will call us for any of your consulting needs. For expert guidance and peace of mind, call Robert B. Anderson Consulting Engineers, LLC





As every builder, architect and contractor knows, any structure is only as strong as its foundation. We at Robert B. Anderson Engineers, LLC specialize in this most important phase of the building process. Our expertise in foundation work, structural engineering and remodeling has won international recognition and praise. The chief engineer and president of the firm, Robert B. Anderson, is an acknowledged leader in the field of structural engineering and has, over the years, shared much of his knowledge and experience through his numerous published works.


Brief Bio Of Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson is president of Robert B. Anderson Engineers, LLC of New Orleans. He has written and lectured nationally and internationally on residential slab-on-ground in North America. Mr. Anderson is a licensed registered engineer in fifteen states and has been responsible for the design and inspection of residential and multi-family units throughout the South.



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